We make psychotherapy accessible in our community

The TICP Community Clinic  provides psychotherapy services to individuals who struggle with mental health and relationship issues and who need access to low-fee or free treatment.

We are the
TICP Community Clinic

The TICP community clinic is the embodiment of a vision originally inspired by the social justice movement of free psychoanalytic care centres in early 20th century Vienna. The Clinic offers an accessible resource for individuals in need of psychotherapy as the growing demand for mental health treatment is at epidemic proportions.  

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are committed to human rights and to the principle that every member of our community has the right to equitable treatment without harassment or discrimination.

TICP Clinic Referral Service

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment in which clients, students, staff, and faculty feel respected, valued, and celebrated for their unique identities and experiences.

Individual / Client

For individuals who are seeking therapy for themselves. 


For health care professionals looking to make a client referral to TICP Community Clinic.

Support Our Initiative

All contributions, large or small, together will make a difference to support the services and outreach of our clinic.  Mental health issues are a serious matter affecting so many families and loved ones.  Few families are untouched by mental illness.  By working together, we can provide help to some of these individuals through the TICP Community Clinic.